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control arm bushings

Wrote the following letter to AoA today:

     I have had the Control Arms replaced on my 1996 Audi A4 Quattro two or
three times since I purchased it new in March 1996.  I know that you are
aware that this has been an ongoing problem with A4 owners and I'm pretty
sure you are also aware that the problem is not with the Control Arms
themselves but with the bushings that they attach to. I am also pretty sure
you are aware that the NHTSA has a TSB on this very problem. I am now for
the fourth time having problems with squeaking and other noises from these
bushings and I want to know what Audi of America intends to do about it.  I
am hoping to have this problem taken care of between AoA and myself.  If
not, then I shall have to consider other options including, but not limited
to legal action and very adverse publicity.  As I'm sure you very well know,
Audi has done a fine job in their profitable return to the American market.
I would hate to see that resurgence falter because you dropped the ball on a
customer service and/or quality issue.  This is my first Audi and I really
do love the car and I stand behind it regardless of the fact that I work in
a "unionized" environment and catch a lot of flak about driving a "foreign"
car.  I hope that Audi will do the right thing and stand behind their

Thank You,

Kevin D. Caldwell
Detroit, MI

Do you think it will do any good?