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Re: Fuel Pressure Guages, I have some!

I may have to do that. I realized after you left that I have an old, _large_, 
engine analyzer with a dwell meter. I got the required allen wrench and tried 
to get the duty cycle down to 50. Turning the allen screw made great 
differences in the idle and general running of the car, but the duty cycle 
reading doesn't change. It now starts and runs with the vacuum lines 
connected, so I'm closer anyway. One other indicator of sorts, it is lean 
when started cold (needs to warm up before it will take throttle input). 
Sounds to me as if the ECU for whatever reason is unable to correct the 
mixture. Is open loop/limp home mode equal to ~75 duty cycle? That's the 
reading it's stuck on.
Do I hook a digital multimeter in series with the O2 sensor to check its 
Thanks Steve for your help on Saturday. You're a real life saver!