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When I step on the brake pedal or turn on the headlights the same two alternating warning lights flash.  The owner's manual tells me to check brake pads and lights.  Everything checks out.  How do I even begin to hunt this one down.  I possess a volt-meter that I have used once and am fairly capable of complex thought.  Is this enough to chase Gremlins?
Also, failed state safety inspection for worn part in rear suspension.  Mechanic can't come up with a name.  They are bushings that the outboard end the the rear tie rods link into.  The housing looks to be attached to the hub, and a bolt runs though a cylindrical extrusion where the tie rod end and bushing are.  Mechanic says $160 each from the dealer.  What is it called and I know there are cheaper ones out there.  Any one?  Any one?  Bueler?

danke schon

*1986 5000CS turbo quattro
*big fat college loans