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RE: Bypass valves and turbos

Yeah, Scott, you got the guilt flowing... I called TAP today, I was going to
get the adjustable one, but (Jimmy, did you check this?) the only color thay
had was red anodized... would look aesthetically poor in an emerald engine
bay.... other colors and just plain aluminum (what I wanted) are a few weeks

Have a stock one ordered from Carlsen, $42 delivered second day...

'92 S4
'92 FM2

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Thanks for the lecture, Scott; great information.  You scared me into into
not "letting it ride" any longer, so I ordered the new adjustable BP valve
from TAP, to replace my failed stock unit (I was going to do it anyway).
Anyway, it is $175 and TAP claims it is good for boost levels of 12-36psi.
ulp!  I should get it on Thursday.  I will post my review soon after.  It's
a little pricey, but it is cheaper than the turbo that I am apparently


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