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'83 Ur-Q for sale...

	don't laugh, jg.  these cars are a lot more valuable than
	you think, especially with low mileage.  if it's got a
	perfect interior, and runs great, it's worth the $14k that 
	the seller will probably haggle to.

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>>Subject: '83 Ur-Q for sale...
>>Found at Traderonline.com:
>>1983 AUDI QUATRO, turbo COUPE, red with black leather, 54000 miles,
>>extremely rare, less than 300 produced, runs/ drives excellent,
>>interior/ exterior excellent, $16000, (248)608-5818 ROCHESTER HILLS
>>I don't know about anybody else but at $16,000, this was
>>definitely my laugh
>>for the night...

 rocky mullin
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