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Re: Re...roof interior.

 "Lewis, Gary M" <Gary.Lewis@West.Boeing.com> writes:

>It does???  It must be different than a 86 - 88 5k interior mit der 
>sunroof. I've (and unfortunately, 2 very recently) removed and replaced
>headliner shells, and if you _completely_ remove the sunroof, the shell
>right out.  Do the pre 86 sunroof cars have a different headliner

The '84 has the uni-shell like some VW's.  I parted out an '85 and the
headliner was cloth covered and  different from the one in my '84.  I saw
one being replaced at a dealer when the type 44 was recently introduced
into the US, and they had it cut into strips to remove.  I have never
replaced one (on the '84 I can't see why I'd ever replace, as there is
nothing there that can sag or separate).  I'll look at the Etka to see if
they have different shells for the early type 44's.  

There are many differences from the intro year (1984) to the subsequent
years (1985->), including window switches, door panels, location of
switches, temp/pres senders, cooling fan, outside trim, etc.  

On this note, does anyone else have vinyl "leatherette" MB Tex style
seats in their 5K's?  All the other 5KS's I've come across all either
have genuine leather or cloth seats.  The (Audi-Tex?) wears almost as
good as the MB-Tex (which is virtually indestructable.)



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