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Re: Bypass valves and turbos

> >As I recall, Demon Tweeks in the UK sells the same bypass valves for
> >considerably less, even after shipping and import duties ... I'll have to 
> >dig out my catalog and double-check this and get the part number.

First, the disclaimer: I can't swear the two valves *are* identical (although 
they certainly appear to be identical) so you need to verify that this one 
will work for your application before ordering.  Anyway, the part number in 
my '98 catalog is TAS 4015; they're available in polished aluminum or 
anodized blue or red and the price was listed at GBP57.82, which works out to 
roughly US$95.00 at the current exchange rate (plus shipping, of course).

Demon Tweek's FAX number from the US is 011-44-1978-664467 and they can be 
reached via emaili at sales@demon-tweeks.co.uk.  I have ordered from them 
several times before and found them to be very prompt and professional ... 
highly recommended.