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Re: Doom and despondency

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From: Aleksander Mierzwa <alexaudi@kki.net.pl>
> At 22:04 99-09-19 +0100, Jim Haseltine wrote:
> >> c) Police forces to be allowed to retain speeding fine revenue
> >This I agree with, especially if linked to the push from some of the
> >to allow them to apply discression. Most traffic officers view speeding
> >dual carrigeway roads in good conditions and light traffic as being
> >acceptable - its the 35mph in towns that they don't like.
> If wonder if they will still view this as acceptable when the money starts
> flowing into _their_ pockets?
Good point. According to reports in this morning's press, one Chief
Constable is calling for 'zero tollerance' - 1mph over the limit and you're

Perhaps there would be fewer road deaths if they could stop 14 year old kids
loading up their father's Ford with 7 of their friends, driving 100 miles
across the country at night and then crushing the car and their friends
under the front of a HGV.
Mind you, natural selection at work again....

Jim Haseltine