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Re: '83 Ur-Q for sale...

I'd like to know the number of '91 200q's as well. I wouldn't mind know the
number of '90 90q20v's either. Finally, I REALLY would like to know just how
many '85 urq's are still on the road. Speaking of my '85 urq, Jeff G, did I
ever mention that I did buy the very last left side head light frame in
North America? I also bought the second to the last right side. Disclaimer -
I may have 'em mixed up. Either way I got the last one for one side.

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From: Buchholz, Steven <Steven.Buchholz@kla-tencor.com>
To: 'qlist' <quattro@audifans.com>
Date: Monday, September 20, 1999 4:36 PM
Subject: RE: '83 Ur-Q for sale...

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>> If rarity of the car is driving factor then the 1991 200tqw
>> should still be
>> fetching low $30's, which it is not.  Production figures on
>> these cars, I
>> believe are around 175 total in the US.  Hmmmmm, makes the
>> UrQ look like a
>> belly button car (everyone has one).
>I don't think that this was being argued upon import numbers alone ...
>... for other than those who are aficionados, there really isn't that much
>to differentiate the 3B 200q from any other 5000/100/200 before it ...
>I would suggest that there is a bit more of a draw for the ur-q just
>of what it is.  Yes, there may have been more imported from 1982-1986, but
>how many are still on the road?  How many of those have not been modified
>some significant way?  The quattro turbo coupe does have a bit of a look
>that makes it attractive, even though it is a 20 year old design.
>I've had people come up to me at gas stations and in parking lots asking me
>if my QTC is for sale.  That has not yet happened to me even once in the
>which, here again based on import numbers would demand a premium over the
>'91 200q (for the 5-speed at least).  That said, I don't expect the
>fan to think my car is anything other than a stock type 44 ...
>... I'm not fooling myself into thinking that I could get anywhere near
>sort of money for my car, but I can't say I'd label anyone who asked that
>much for their car foolish ... perhaps they really don't want to sell the
>car _that_ much.
>Steve Buchholz
>San Jose, CA (USA)
>P.S. - are there any official import numbers on the '91 200q?  I've got to
>believe that based on the number of cars I've seen myself that there's
>likely to be more than 175 of them imported ...