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radiator replacement - thanks.

Thanks to all who've helped me with info
regarding my 5k radiator replacement; 
it's all done now but for the top rubber mounts
(1 broken, the other misplaced, and 1 in stock
at local dealer). After sitting in position for a few days,
the top hose now has roughly the right shape;
I've hooked the car's single-temp sensor
connectors to what I'm interpreting to be the cooler
(stage 2 of 2+3) of the two parts on the radiator
(which is from an 85, while mine's an 84, which makes
for all these little differences); the full-blast fan now
comes on slightly earlier on the scale than before,
which is good. I've let it idle beyond that fan's
turn-on temperature, with no distinct leakage so far.

Now, I've found an aftermarket heater valve that's mostly
metal, but 2/3 of the water passage is plastic. Is that how
they all are, or should I look around for an all-metal one?