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Re: NHTSA making it easier to import to USA!

Where did you find this rule?  Or for that fact other NHTSA rules?
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Subject: NHTSA making it easier to import to USA!

> Interesting short in this weeks Autoweek. The US government put in to
> (Aug. 13) and new rule on import vehicle to the US that does not meet US
> safety standards. If the car is less than 25 years old an individual (not
> and importer or dealer) can import for "Show or Display" without bring it
> to US safety standards. If it is sold  before it is 25 years old it has to
> be sold to an individual and it can not be driven more than 2500 miles per
> year. The car still has to meet emission standards. It requires prior
> approval and the government can inspect the vehicle anytime they want.
> The trick is that to get prior approval you must "persuade" the NHTSA that
> the vehicle is of significant "Technical or Historical" value and it must
> not be something the manufacture previously imported. The example they use
> is you could not import an F50 but you could import a McLaren F1 or a
> Porsche 959. None of this will help anyone import say a 1987 urq or a 97
> but it does open up possibilities. I guess the key will be how much
> technology differences there needs to be  from a similar model that was
> imported or if you can make a case for historical significance, i.e. owned
> by ???? It is obvious that the rule is very subjective and up to the
> discretion of those that must be "persuaded".