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Re: Ur-Q ... buyer's market or seller's market?


Wanted to add  the '83 Ur with 67k miles that I bought for $5,500 to you

Did anyone else look at this car in Reno that was listed for a couple of
months on Dan's "Marketplace" page?  If so, please let me know what you
thought of the car, and why you didn't buy it.


 - Doug

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From: Steve Eiche <seiche@cellport.com>

> I agree with Jeff on this one.  While we might THINK our cars are
> alot, the truth is in the sales prices.  Not the cars that are for
> but those that actually sell. I have seen quite a few ur qs sell in
> last few years.  Not one of the cars went for over $10k.  This
> two nice '85s, an '84 and whole bunch of '83's.  There were a few
> steals, like a beautiful low mileage (50k) '83 that went for $2k
> vacuum lines and A arm bushings), an '82 with a blown engine and new
> Koni suspension for $1500. Then there are the usual buys like a nice
> with MC conversion and new suspension for $6500, a clean original '84
> for $6500, my rust-free '82 with MC conversion and LOTS of extra parts
> cost me $4500, a nice original '83 with 55k, Euro lights, and mint
> interior/paint went for $7k, a nice grey '85 for $7k, etc.
> As a rule of thumb in this area, a nice running original (or MC
> conversion) ur q needing minor work usually goes for $3k to $5k, $500
> $3k for a project (yes, I have seen a rust-free but rough ur q go for
> $500), and $5k to $10k for an _excellent_ specimen. The '84's and
> go for bit more, but not much.  MC conversions and other mods don't
> much to the value either unfortunately.
> IF any of those high $ cars that we have seen advertised have sold,
> probably went to people who don't know the cars or the market and
> that rarity makes them valuable.  That's only true if you can sell it.
> I would love to think that my totally updated 20Vt ur q would be worth
> $30k, but I am realistic.  These cars probably will never have much
> value except to us. That's OK with me though, I don't wwn my car as an
> investment.  That would be stupid. IMHO of course.  Hopefully someone
> will prove me wrong on this one...
> Steve Eiche
> Arvada, CO
> '91 200q
> '82 Not So Ur q 20Vt