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Re: Audis in movies

Hmmm...I haven't looked at this in TGSWN, but I'm pretty sure that this
bumper was new in '99.  Actually, all of the '98 Cabs that I've seen
overseas had an S2 bumper, and when I asked for a '99 Cabriolet bumper,
the guy said "oh yea, the S2 bumper, sure."  I said "no no, the
*Cabriolet* bumper," and he said "yea yea, that one."  Says on the
invoice "Front bumper 1999 Cabriolet," but the bumper is definitely S2. 
I think it might have cost a bit less than $700, and it doesn't have
headlight washers.

When my car is finally inspected and found to be roadworthy (at least I
hope so!) I might get interested in selling a mint-condition S2 bumper
at a slight discount, so that I can purchase the one I wanted...

mmmm....  :)

Tom Nas wrote:
> Elliott Potter <epotter@abraxis.com> wrote:
> >And that's *exactly* the front bumper that I tried to get for my 90.
> >Better pictures at http://www.audi.de/cabrio/cabrio_de.html .  Got the
> >headlights right, though :)
> >Does anyone know the part number for this thing?
> TGSWN (The German Software with the Weird Name, to do away with the Family
> Album designation) tells us:
> (assuming you'd want the bumper for the post-11/92 models-)
> 895 807 105 AG GRU for a bumper with headlight washers, primered
> 895 807 105 AF GRU for a bumper without headlight washers, primered
> Headlight washers, primered, L-R respectively:
> 895 807 155 GRU
> 895 807 156 GRU
> Just out of curiosity, I looked up the price. Including our 17.5% sales
> tax, the bumper would cost equiv $720 here in Holland.
> HTH,
> Tom
> Zeist, The Netherlands
> 87 90q NG engine