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type 44 leaking sunroof

Stephen Bigelow wrote:

"Firstly, my sunroof doesn't work. It's "bits are stripped".
Secondly, it leaked standing water all over me today...nice and cold
down my
Thanks a lot, Audrey. After I just flushed your brakes!

4mm hex. Also need a Phillips to undo the cover. This is presuming the
5K s-roof and the 4K s-roof are the same. Should be. I keep the 4mm
allen in the ashtray. The weather in Seattle, while beautiful lately,
has yet to justify the day required to disassemble and cleanup the
sunroof mechanism. As long as the sunroof is closed, and the drain tubes
functional, it should not leak. Careful with the Bword there; the
sunroof, especially in Ontario (I would think), is a valuable trump card
to have against the Audigods. As long as there are a couple of things
wrong....she will always get you home.


Craig Lebakken
1986 4KQ