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Ur-Q ... buyer's market or seller's market?

JG wrote:

"It appears my comments mocking the $16k asking price for an '83 Ur-Q
more than a few nerves among the Q-list membership ... "

Personally, I have been disappointed in the UrQ's I have driven,
including an '85. Slower than expected, squeaky, etc... Maybe I was just
expecting too much. The examples I drove were not exemplary either.
However, to me, diehard Audi fan my whole licensed life, the UrQ is the
one of the most beautiful creations ever to have graced the road. I will
never forget that cold day in 1983, when, as a broke college student, I
pulled up to the VW-Audi dealership in Klamath Falls, Oregon, and parked
my 1978 Diamont Silber Rabbit (well worn, but ever so trusty) next to a
Gobi Beige/Mocha leather UrQ. Something like a $35K sticker (Doh! Before
there was Doh!). First UrQ I ever saw. I gawked for what seemed like
hours. Seems like yesterday. I still want one. Someday, I will have one.

The fact these cars have significant historical value is a given.
Whether they have investment potential is entirely dependent upon how
well Audi takes "advantage" of their current success, and continues to
manufacture cars that are enjoyable, practical to own, and above all, a
step ahead in styling and technology. They were on this track back in
the late '80's when thay were derailed by the American press. A hard
fought battle has brought them back. Let's hope that the lessons of the
past provide a moderate dose of humility that ensures steady,
consistent, and thorough progress.

I think I should buy my UrQ now.

Craig Lebakken
1986 4KQ