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Re: 86 5K TQ bugs - fuel injection?

In message <c=CA%a=IBMX400%p=INVESTORSGROUP%l=IGEXCH9-990921064206Z-3251@igexch2.igcanada.com> "Livolsi, Stephane" writes:

> Sometimes, after the car has been running, shut down and been sitting
> for anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour, it JUST WON'T START. The engine
> doesn't cough or sputter or anything.  Just crank and crank and
> crank......

Residual pressure leakdown.  Either the fuel pump check valve, one of
the injectors or the control pressure regulator.

First thing to check is that the injector cooling fan works by shorting
the single connector on the wastegate heat shield sender to ground.

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