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RE: Flywheel Lightening

	I recently did a 4kq Fly wheel at a shop in town for a lister in
trade for some parts.  Anyhow, it cost me aobut $130 if memeory serves not
including the balancing which he is goig to have done with the clutch and
after the motor is balanced.  Anyhow, balancing was like $30 more.  But
that said, the weight after lightening was 18.5lbs.  Thats a little over
5lbs from what it was stock.  I think 24 is about stock and thats what i
saw and they took off 5 but it actually ended up being a tad more.  Any
more than 5 lbs would require some serious changes as they took off a LOT
of material and more I think would require lots of drilling and maybe
turnign it into a flat Face wheel instead of dished.  (I dont know if this
can be done)
	anyhow, good luck.

I have the flywheel off my CGT to replace the rear oil seals, and
figured now would be a good time to get it lightened & balanced.   What
is the reasonable range of costs for this work?


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