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more urq pricing

derek said:
>Problem with Jeff's logic is that the money required to put a used urq
>into shape like these is enough to make you cry.  $20k later you'll
>definitely have a car that has "appreciated" to $16k.

	don't i know it.  $5700 at the time of mc conversion.
	$1800 after for new brakes (2 piston) and new suspension.
	new bomb going in this week.  paid $6000 for the car
	and put $1900 into it last year, before the mc.  it
	could mae me cry. it's been fun though, and i got to
	own one of these monsters.  i wish i had a big garage,
	land with a barn, SOME WAY to keep this car as well
	as my new (also green :) a4 avant.  in the end, i cannot
	expect more than $12k for this car.  go ahead and laugh,
	it cannot hurt to try and get that much.  even 2bennett
	gave me that figure as its value.  and i have time to 
	sit on it before i sell it.  worse case scenario i can
	leave it at my parents' house and entertain buyers there,
	out in the burbs, no one's going to ding it.

 rocky mullin
 two strokes are faster than four!
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