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RE: Audis in movies


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	Don't know if it's showing in the rest of the world but
there's currently a Goodyear all-season tire commercial showing
in Canada with an Audi racing a skier down a slalom course. Can't
get a close enough look to see what model it is but it looks like
an A6 from a distance...Seems to me Audi should have used
this gimmick to tout the quattro system but I guess Goodyear
beat them to it...;-)


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> > "Ronin" still takes the cake for best Audi footage in a movie, ever..
> :)
> Shame about the rest of the movie.
> I noticed a 5k featuring prominently in a Bond movie recently as the
> villain's car - the one where they're supposed dissolving cocaine
> in petrol and there's a chase with three tankers at the end.
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