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Re: The Ur-Q market...

> I resent that.

My comments were referenced to the U.S. market as I obviously know very 
little about Ur-Q sales beyond the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. 
>  What's 'ultra-low mileage' got to do with it?  Age is the major factor -
>  rubber perishes just sitting there.  A car that's been driven is much
>  more likely to have younger bushes and belts than one that's been sitting
>  in a museum.  There is a very strong correlation between patchy use (one
>  or two months a year) and premature engine failure in the WR engine.

In my experience, the mechanical condition is almost irrelevant compared to 
the paint, bodywork and interior condition when it comes to putting together 
a concours-quality car.  Personally, I'll always take a car that's sat for 
ten years in a temperature and humidity-controlled garage versus one that's 
been driven regularly, even if this means that *every* belt, bushing, hose 
and seal has to be replaced in order to make it operable.