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V8Q for sale

Hello All,
    I've been away for a while monitoring the digest .. but now it is time
for me to sell my V8Q .. #2 baby requires "more space" says the wife so it
is with some reluctance I send this posting.

1990 V8Q Blue/Blue, 160K highway miles, Detailed maintenance records, new AC
compressor, Radiator, rear calipers,rotors, front and rear pads, alternator.
H&R springs, Koni Adjustables. Mobil1 every 5K miles. The timing belt & h2o
pump replaced @ 120K. Asking $8000.00 OBO.  
John Day  ~  Sterling Network Group  ~ (617) 769-9600
	http://www.sterlingnetwork.com <http://www.sterlingnetwork.com>