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type 44 radiator, and leaking ....trunklid?

For a while now, I've noticed that after rain,
lots of water (maybe a cup(240ml) each side) runs
off of my 84 5k's trunklid after lifting it, and into the
trunk unless I lift it slightly at first and raise it until it
ceases to drip (which it does at a point where it's
already going in the trunk again :P).

So, while attacking the radiator[1] anyway and getting
tools from the pigsty that the trunk is, I note that water is coming
out of the lid just over the 2 little rubber feet at the bottom of
the lid. So, I pull them out (thinking that maybe they're
supposed to have drain hole in them) and the rest 
of the water drains out of the lid through those holes...

.which is the point where it finally hit me that the "inside"
of the lid, as far as it has one, shouldn't have water
in it at all! 
I previously assumed the water gets trapped between lights/
center-piece and the actual lid, but how would water be
inside the lid? Or is all this a symptom of un-sealed
tailights letting water in from the outside, while forming
a cavity together with the trunk lid holes they're mounted

[1]Radiator: I haven't quite figured out the correct coolant
level (*is* there such a thing as too high a level resulting
in water pusing out through the cap when hot, with no
other failure cause other than too much coolant?),
but it appears it does leak rather a bit when hot.
Assuming that the previously pressure-test new old
rad doesn't suddenly have a leak (which I am),
I'd guess of course that I didn't tighten the hoses enough,
or perhaps the overflow is giving up, too, now.
(To be investigated after tomorrow's windshield
replacement - I got quotes for that from $295 to $460, and 
now $195 after discount through a gas/service station...)
How tight can one tighten those hose clamps without
cracking all that plastic that Audi is so proud of?

-G. Benedikt Rochow