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RE: more urq pricing

On Tue, 21 Sep 1999, Anton Gaidos wrote:

] What did I do for $3500? First, this didn't cover labor. I took it a part
]and put it back together. I had the Turbo rebuilt, custom oil lines using
]original fittings, exhaust manifold, radiator recore, engine and tranny
]mounts, fuel guage, vacuum lines, all new coolant hoses, a/c recharge, new
]radiator side and bottom covers, cv boots, rear diff seal (purchased only -
]haven't installed it yet) and headlight frames.

	heh, sounds familiar.  basically, everything i look at 
	i wind up replacing.  i think about it more and more...
	i will put it up for sale, but i will also put it into
	storage (when the a4 arrives).  i'll drive it out to
	alice's or bolinas (shhhh) once a month to keep it 
	sharp.  if no one buys it, i'll get to keep it and one
	day when i have a proper garage/barn i'll be glad i

] There is certainly other tidbits I'm forgetting. This car was a daily
]driver from a woman in Colorado and is exactly as you stated. Driven year in
]and year out with only the most basic services done to it. Every problem
]known to urq's was worn out on this car. You could say it was a classic urq
]poster car.

	oh man.  i know *exactly* what you are talking about.
	my urq is even from colorado, what *is* it with these
	coloradans?  just kidding, i know there are a lot of
	audis out there (thanks steve buck) so that's why.

] Having fixed those things it appears the wastegate, being the next weak
]link in the chain, has failed but I haven't had time to fix it. None of my
]work even began to cover cosmetics other then the headlight frames.
] The plus is the body is straight with no wrecks or rust but I'm sure glad I
]didn't bring it to MH99. It would have looked pretty sad next to the others
]there. It has had a hard life but wasn't beat just negelected. As soon as I
]have my garage built I'll dive into the project again. For now I drive it
]around town once every other week to keep it lubricated. 

	mine has a little damage to the front right corner unfortunately.
	it was fixed quite well, of course, as when insurance got involved 
	the previous owner did it up really nicely, despite being a
	totally dishonest motherfucker (if any of you coloradans know
	craig joynt, well, you've been warned).  anyway it lokos straight
	and drives fine and i have had mechanics check out the repairs 
	there thoroughly.

] After I did all the work last year I drove it about 3000 miles throughout
]the southwest with two kids and a wife for two weeks. The car went through
]120F heat, snow, several monsoons and sand storms, then clear up to
]Purgatory, Co. where I drove it several miles up dirt and gravel roads
]outside of Silverton Co. It was the best trip I've ever had. Here is a link
]to my quattro web page:

	i have only gone about 2500 miles in one shot.  i have been 
	wanting to drive up through oregon and seattle to vancouver,
	then the 10 hours east to nelson, in the canadian rockies.
	in winter, of course.  by the time i have the time to plan
	thjis trip i'll have the a4 in my posession and will 
	probably take that.  i'll be driving the heavily warrantied
	car most of the time... ;)

 rocky mullin
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