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Re: Ur-Q

On Tue, 21 Sep 1999, Frank de Kat wrote:

> In my 4000 Bently manual, it semms to imply that there is a 'coupe' style
> turbo quattro.

This is the UrQ

> Then there is the UR-q.
> (These always have the neat flared fenders?)

Yes, always neat flared fenders.

> Are the 'coupe quattro' and the UR-q one and the same thing? 
> If not, what's the differance, and how to tell apart?
> (Or were they even both imported to North America?)

There was a coupe quattro that was not imported to North America.  No
flared fenders but it did have the quattro drivetrain and the non-turbo
I5.  Surf the web and you'll see some pics.

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