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RE: Spider Bite

But not if yours is well maintained with proper gear oil and periodic

I know that the gear oil in mine at 230K km is original - it's just been
changed - trans - torsen and rear diff.

If as "they" say it is a torsen phenomenon yours WILL display it.  If it is
a torsen 'related' phenomenon - and the relationship is wear and /or
neglect, not all will display it. Mind you most drivers never push the car
to it's limits anyway.

Thanks for your quick response to my no spark - I've sent a copy of the
pages to the mechanic via fax.

1990 200TQ

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> Regarding the debate as to it's existence, I have to ask if this is
> a flaw in an aging system?  Does the torsen suffer from poor or old gear
> oil, or wear caused by same?

If it were, I'd expect to see it in mine at 188k miles.

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