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Ur-q price wars

Hello Q-List:

Car pricing is a very tricky thing.  There's really no source for Ur-q pricing,
which is why I think it's important for people on the q-list not to flame
proespective sellers over this.  Isn't it better for Audi enthusiasts if the
price goes up a bit.  Mind you I'm probably pricing myself out of this car, for
the forseeable future but so what.  I've seen several Ur-qs listed in the 12-16K
range and people are apparently buying them so what's the big deal.

For a while I was worried that I'd paid too much for my 4000, since I saw many
posted around the country that were cheaper with fewer miles.  However, in MN,
all of the 4000s I looked at that were cheaper had a million little things
broken, which would cost a lot to fix and, more importantly, seriously obstruct
my enjoyment of the car.  I know its comparing apples and oranges (or Ur-qs to
4000s), but maybe some buyers would like to pay more for a car which they don't
have to fix so much.

As for rarity and historical importance:  if only I could convince people of the
historical importance of my 85 isuzu Trooper, I'd be in business...

OTHER Stuff:

Hey Marc Swanson, don't worry too much.  I have a friend who's dumped more than
that into an old Pontiac Grand Prix and it STILL doesn't run very well.  You are
going to have a flawless car when you're done.  Personally I'm glad you did the
cost breakdown.  I was wondering myself, what it's going to cost.  Keep us
informed as to your progress.

Had the first frost last night in Minneapolis.  Love those heated seats.  Bring
on the snow!  I've already ordered my Hakkas.

I'm working on the first all-fluff-no-gear-head Audi Web page: Eurotrash
Princess Page. Under the Mods section I will put a picture of Sting as Ace

4kcsQ: Eurotrash Princess