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RE: 5KTQ - Gremlins

>Also, failed state safety inspection for worn part in rear suspension.
>Mechanic can't come up with a name.  They are bushings that the outboard
>the the rear tie rods link into.  The housing looks to be attached to the
>and a bolt runs though a cylindrical extrusion where the tie rod end and
>bushing are.  Mechanic says $160 each from the dealer.  What is it called
>and I
>know there are cheaper ones out there.  Any one?  Any one?  Bueler?

Not sure what part your talking about but most likely lower control arm
bushings (you have the buy the new assembly), or the rear camber adjustment
rods sound a lot like what you describe and they wear out as well.

Todd is right...  Don't pay dealer prices.  Describe what is warn out to Rod
@ TPC or Jim Blau @ Blaufergnugen.  TPC usually has the best prices, but
Blaufergnugen usually wins with me as I live in Wisconsin and if I order
parts before 4 pm, I'll have them on my doorstep by noon the next day!  My
guess is camber adjustment rods, but I doubt that would cause it not to pass
inspection.  It's not a major thing.  Just will wear out your rear tires
funny (and fast).

Good luck!  Maybee get a better mechanic?  Ask around.