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Highly Modified '87 5KCSTQ for Sale

As a public service, I'm forwarding this FS message from the alt.autos.audi 

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Subject: Highly Modified '87 5KCSTQ for Sale
From: "Eric Fletcher" <steadi@swbell.net>
Date: Tue, 21 September 1999 02:35 PM EDT
Message-id: <tdQF3.45$h97.5517@typhoon01.swbell.net>

due to the delivery of My '00 S4 I need to make room in my garage so my 1987
5KCSTQ needs to go.  Those who subscribe to the quattro list will remember
my car. Here's the info on it:

1987 5000 CS Turbo Quattro
Black with Platinum interior
upgraded suspension with custom Valved Koni's and custom springs
Delrin Subframe bushings
BIG BRAKE Conversion  (4 Pot calipers/ 12.7"x1.25" Rotors)
Stainless Brake Lines
Euro Headlights with electric height adjusters (Headlights are on relays)
Hybrid K26/K27 Turbo
Nology spark plug wires
Bosch F5DPOR plugs (The EXPENSIVE Platin ones)
Large Single Pass Intercooler
Custom ECU with Data Logger and Logger display (23.5PSI Max Boost)
2 piece Exhaust Manifold
Hi-Flow Exhaust with Dual SS Ansi Tips
16x7.5" Borbet Type C wheels (Silver)
7 blade rad cooling fan and motor
3 Row Modine Radiator
Hella Air Horns
Integrated Fog lights in the front bumper (Looks like a euro bumper)
120 amp alternator with Wagon Pulley (14.4 volts at idle)
14.4 Volt V-Reg
Uprated clutch 35,000 miles ago
HKS Dump valve
Dennon DCT-950 indash CD player changer controller
Dennon 10 Disk Changer
MB-Quart speakers (14 Total)  Awesome yet refined sound system
V-8 style rear trunk struts (No trunk lid hitting you on the head on a
V-8 Rear center armrest with first-aid kit compartment and 2 cup holders
V-8 Rear Window shade
Drivers seat is a sport seat and the passenger seat is a "Barcolounger"
(Seat heaters work)
leak free stainless steel sleeved rack
Heater core was replaced less than one year ago
Wheels bearings replaced less than 18,000 miles ago
All electric's work!
car is in EXCELLENT Mechanical condition
car does have minor hail damage

This car MOVES 0-60 in 5.5 sec's and highway passing power will pin you in
your seat... and it has the brakes to match. Data Logger has recorded in
excess of 1G cornering

This is a VERY reliable car that has started every morning for me and run
like a fine watch. Plus it HAULS!! this car brings a smile to my face every
time I drive it. Remember this car is FULLY Sorted and needs nothing but a
new home to give plenty of smiles!

Included with this sale with be my extensive parts collection which include:
2 complete interiors
all the side window glass (Front/rear and quarter)
4 window regulators
sunroof motors/tracks
alternators (For cores)
Stock K26 turbo
many other parts

Make a serious offer.  I have an idea of what I'd like to get for this car
and an Idea of what it's worth so please take that into account.

For more information please contact me, Eric Fletcher at 314/504-3456


Eric Fletcher S.O.C.