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Re: Ontario Listers

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From: Iain Atkinson (ETL) <iain.atkinson@etl.ericsson.se>

> Here in Sussex Uk , the local plod has used Volvo's for quite some time
most are T5's in the estate >version with a couple of saloons, even some of
their unmarked cars are T5's as well. I have even >seen BMW 3 series estates
as well, no wonder our taxes over here go up every year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3 of them (T5's that is) in a 5 mile stretch of the A64 this morning, 2 more
at lunchtime in Leeds, another couple on my way home and a motorbike plod at
the side of the road near my house. H*ll - my POS coupe isn't _that_ much of
a threat....

The police in Kingston upon-Hull have recently pensioned off their Escort
Cosworth in favour of two Imprezas, one in plain clothes, the other in
full-on traffic-issue dazzle paint. They patrol teamed up with an I5 carring
a dog-handler (one of the dogs is called 'Exocet') and the Impreza driver
_never_ leaves the vehicle.

Jim Haseltine