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Re: type 44 leaking sunroof

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>In a message dated 09/20/1999 08:42:15 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
>sbigelow@sprint.ca writes:
>>  Firstly, my sunroof doesn't work. It's "bits are stripped".
>>  Secondly, it leaked standing water all over me today...nice and cold
>my back.
>>  Anyhoo, can I open the sunroof to open up the drains, using the as yet
>>  unfound handcrank, even though the bits are stripped? (Motor grinds
>>  fine, but doesn't move the roof very well..)
>I would be hesitant to try and open the roof manually just to attempt to
>clean out the "drains" if it sounds like the "bits are stripped"... If you
>sure that it is just the motor, by all means, go ahead... but I would be
>about doing it if one of the cables are broken.... You might as well fix it
>if you are going to go through the trouble...

Stopped by my mechanics today for a consultation. (Metric Auto Service, 912
Clyde Av, Ottawa, On, 725-6052). Two mechanics, and they both drive older,
er..mature...ah, *experienced* Audis.

He suggested a burst of air up the drain hose. It ends in the front wheel
well. I've give it a try when I get a chance...hopefully before the next

Steve Bigelow
Ottawa ON
1984 5000s "Audrey"