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Re: The Ur-Q market...

>  with them.  And as you said, the lesser ones just keep changing hands
>  when the owners realise how much they have to spend.

Still, the price difference between pristine and junk isn't all that much and 
certainly not enough to cover the additional costs of repair the new owner 
faces.   As always, the rule is to buy the very best car you can afford as 
it's cheaper in the long run than buying a project...
>  I wouldn't mind snagging a cheap one a year or two from now, so long as
>  the body is there, I guess I can make the rest work over a few years...

Despite my pessimism about today's prices for these cars, I *do* think 
they're headed upward from here.  If you want one, now's the time to start 
looking for it.