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Re: Audis in movies (and Bilstiens in Bumps)

The consensus seems to be White Winter Heat for the movie, but you couldn't
prove it by me. I was never a big fan of Warren's movies, never got into his
commentary. I was just trying to compare models to skis, and this is sort of
what I came up with. I guess the UR-Q would be a slalom board, quick point to
point, good for gates, bumps, and trees. The type 44 is more of the GS ski, or
all mountain ski. Good for high speed cruising, crud, powder and wide open
steeps. Then the V8 is the DH board. Long radius turns, high speeds, very
stable. I seem to recall seeing a pair of Audi skis, I think they were
Volants. Not a big fan of an all metal ski, and I don't think quattro presents
an unfair advantage with only 2 boards...............

And I just bought my season pass yesterday. Let it snow let it snow let it


Todd Phenneger wrote:

> Matt,
>         If you ever remember the name of the movie tell me.  I will have
> to watch it.
>         That said, in my experience on the Rally Course the Bilstiens
> would Definately handle better int he Bumps. :-)  AND coming down from
> some big Air.  I'll take the Group 2's over the normal ones though.  I
> prefer my sticks a little stiffer.  I guess thats why I ski on competition
> Slalom Ski's too.  But they CAN be a little much in the bumps.  I guess
> its the racer in me (to many years Ski Racing does that to you)  I jsut
> cant get off competition ski's.  oh well.
>         L8R
>         todd
> ------
> There was a ski movie made by Warren Miller where he drives a red 500/200
> up
> a ski hill. No, its not the controversial commercial.  It was back in the
> days when Audi sponsored Warren's movies. Too bad I don't remeber the name
> of
> the movie. I wonder if bilsteins or boges handle better in the bumps?
> Matt
>         Todd Phenneger
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>         1983 ur-q / black / fixing it up
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