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I've run sets of of the MXV & MXV4 on my 5KTQ size 205x15 for about 105K
miles and found them sticky and predictable on dry, wet, very wet, snow and
ice. You adjust to a slight decay of the 4's but in New England they are
great.  My S6 has SP4000 and start to slip in the same wet turns well B4 the
MXV4 would have.  Of course there are other differences betwwen the 5KTQ and
the S6.

'86 5KTQ
'91 200 20V
'95.5 S6 

Date: Tue, 21 Sep 1999 16:50:50 EDT
From: Bikeaudi@aol.com
Subject: York A/c pump / Michelin MXV4 v rated?

Anybody got a known York A/C compressor for a 4kcsq? Anyone tried Michelin 
MXV4 (V rating)195-60x14 tires on 4kcsq? My tire guys says that sidewalls
stiffer and rubber compound is softer and no mileage guarantee.  Are the 
tradeoffs worth it? Michael Conley
92 S-4, 86 4KCSQ, 874KCSQ