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Re: Replacement turbo/oil cooler SS line fittings?

At 06:25 PM 9/21/99 -0400, Marc A Swanson wrote:
>I got an Aircraft-Spruce catalog today, and looking through the hose and
>fittings sections leaves me with some thoughts.  I can see how I could
>make up a Stainless flex hose with simple nuts on either end (available
>in alluminum but not stainless??? Strange...),

Nearly all of the fittings are made of stainless. Stainless/stainless
threads tend to gall (ie, bind with infinite strength). Stainless is 3x the
weight of aluminum. The nuts don't get "wet" by the process fluid; they
could just as well be balsa wood.

QED aluminum nuts are the way to go.

hth and
cu, James
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