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Fw: VDSPRO Information

Hello all,

I contacted BTU Sales for information and cost of the VDS Diagnostic
Software System .  The following is what I received.  I thought you might be



>The VDS Diagnostic Software System has been designed as an alternative to
>the VAG1551 and VAG1552 Volkswagen/Audi Diagnostic Analyzers. VDS software
>is IBM PC compatible and adds user friendliness, data storage and graphing
>capabilities to all the features previously only found in the factory
>The VW and Audi Diagnostic program covers
>The VW/Audi Diagnostic program covers the following controllers:
>Transmission (Auto)
>Brakes (ABS 3 and Later)
>Airbag (SRS 2 and Later)
>Electronic Clutch
>Suspension Control
>Instrument Cluster (Including Service Interval Reset)
>ASC (Anti-slip Control)
>Automatic Roof Control System
>Anti-theft System
>Central Locking System
>Power Seat Adjustment Control
>Electronic Diesel Pump Control
>Leveling Control
>Interior Monitor
>Headlight Range Control
>Steering Wheel Control
>Convenience Features
>Seat/mirror Adjustment
>Parking Aid
>Auxiliary Heater
>Features include:
> Read and reset Error Codes
> Activate Components
> "One Button" Service Interval Indicator Resetting
> Alter Adaptation Values
> Set ECU to Basic Values
> Read Individual Data Block Values
> Recode ECUs
> Graphically Display, Store and Recall component values during road
> 2 hour 'Flight Recorder' for extensive glitch capture.
>Values that can be recorded include:
> O2 Value
> Throttle Angle
> Ignition Angle
> % Engine Load
> Engine Temperature
> EGR Temperature
> Intake Air Temperature
> IAC Value
> IAC Duty Cycle
> Speedometer Reading
> O2 at Idle (Learned)
> O2 at High Speed, Low Load
> O2 at High Load
> Battery Voltage
>We are currently working to supply more information at the website along
>with screen captures.
>VDS-PRO works on the following specific systems
>Volkswagen engines:
>PG DIGIFANT I 10/90-Newer
>RV DIGIFANT I 10/90-Newer
>2H DIGIFANT I 10/90-Newer
>9A CIS-E MOTRONIC 10/90-Newer
>AAA MOTRONIC 2.9/5.9 1992-95/1996-Newer
>ABA MOTRONIC 2.9/5.9 1992-95/1996-Newer
>All 1998 and newer engines.
>Audi Engines:
>3A 1989-90
>3B 1990-
>7A 1990-
>AAN 1992
>MC MID 1989
>MC MID 1989
>NF California models only
>NG 1988-
>PT 1990
>All 1998 and newer engines.
>All diagnosable optional subsystems on these models (automatic
>transmission, ABS, SRS...etc).
>*Other engines do not have high speed output. Such engines may be diagnosed
>with the jumper wire supplied under the rear seat.
>The package includes:
> VDS-PRO Diagnostic Software version 1.2
> DATAVIEW Analysis Software
> Electronic Interface Cable (RS232 to ISO)
> Adapter for 1988-93 VW and Audis
> Adapter for 1994-98 VW and Audis (OBD II)
> Software Users Manual
>System Requirements
> IBM compatible 486/33 or better processor
> Windows 3.1, 3.11 or Windows 95/98/NT (100Mhz minimum CPU necessary)
> 4 Meg. Ram
> 1 Serial Port
>The program is 16 bit. It has not been tested under OS/2.
>The price of the VDS-Pro software and adapters is US$795.00.
>Shipment in the USA is available via UPS 1 day, 2 day, 3 day and ground
>service. Saturday service is available for an additional fee.
>International shipping is by Express or Expedited UPS shipping service.
>Postal Service is available, but cannot be insured.
>We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, COD (domestic only)
>and international bank transfer (ABA/BT).
>Orders may be placed by phone or fax. Please DO NOT send credt information
>by email.
>1-800-848-6657 USA
>1-941-927-1414 Intl'
>1-941-927-1612 Fax
>If you have any further questions please write or call.