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5ktq cooling q's

Dove into the cooling system last night on the '87 5kcstq after the brand
new Shogun pump spun an impeller after only 2 weeks. Determined that this
was due to insufficient coolant at the pump when the car was off. So this
raised some questions. I seemed to have a lot of air in the system. I know
there was some discussion a couple of weeks ago about bleeding the system,
what was the best/final consensus for this. I have a bleed valve from one of
my Renaults I am going to install to simplify things, but what would be the
ideal place for this? I'm thinking the hose before or after the after-run
pump since the hoses are the same size as the bleed valve. Will this work?

Also have a rather unique symptom with the Shogun pump. Every time I start
the car the pump will run for ~5 sec. then shut off. It always runs for the
same amount of time every time. Is this supposed to do this and maybe I just
didn't know b/c of my previous dead AR pump?
BTW I did relay the pump.



'87 5kcstq (persnickety little bugger)