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Re: 86 5K TQ bugs - fuel injection?

>> Sometimes, after the car has been running, shut down and been sitting
>> for anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour, it JUST WON'T START. The >>engine
doesn't cough or sputter or anything.  Just crank and crank and
>> crank......
>Residual pressure leakdown.  Either the fuel pump check valve, one of
>the injectors or the control pressure regulator.

I've had this happen on two 5ktq's now, and my guess is the fuel pump check
valve.  That's what it was in both my cases.  Don't cheap out though.  Buy a
whole new fuel pump (which will come with a new check valve) which will save
you more headache in the future.  Cal Rod @ TPC (1-800-472-1144) or GPR for
cheapest prices.  I think I got mine from GPR (German Parts and