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86 200q FS in Holland, $1250!

To our Dutch listers...

I don't usually post cars for sale, but this one's so cheap I couldn't resist:

Audi 200 Quattro. (4wd)
Bj. 1986, 165000 km.
137 kw/5700 rpm. Max 225 km/u
Nieuwprijs F125.000,--
Airco, elektrische ramen, spiegels en schuifdak.
ABS, voor en achter schijfremmen.
Kleur: Rood
Bel naar 0655 - 733326 voor bekijken (staat in Utrecht) en/of proefrit.
Fl. 2500,-
A. Janssen
E-mail: norush@casema.net

No affiliation, don't even know the car( but would be happy to inspect it
for someone since it's less than 10 miles from my home), found it on

Zeist, The Netherlands
87 90q NG engine