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RE: Fusibale link, quick, for fan motor protection

You know how it goes............you always forget something..........
The cost for the fuse was $3.59
The cost for the bolt...........I don't know,
Take care,

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Thanks  Avi. Looks like a good move for me. Parts costs would have improved
your post, but it was almost perfect anyhow.             Doyt     87 5kcstq

At 09:25 PM 9/21/1999 -0700, you wrote:
>Boys and girls,
>Below is another way to install a fusible link to protect your cooling fan
>Here is the information regarding the fuse, I picked mine up at Kragen auto
>It is made by "Buss Fuses" (Japanese made fuse)
>It is BP/FLB 70 (70 Amp) or you can get BP/FLB80 (80 Amp)
>Install procedure:
>Disconnect ground wire (brown) at fan motor (10mm nut)
>Connect fuse to fan motor post using above nut
>Connect ground wire to the fuse using a 10mm short bolt and a nut
>Make sure you buy two fuses (for replacement purpose)
>You are done, isn't that peachy?