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FS: 89 200q (NOT MINE)

During my pre-90q20v days, car hunting turned up this car.  Owner called
me to see if I was still interested, and I told him I'd post it here for
kicks.  Located North-side Chicagoland, between I-94 and LSD and 1 block
south of Lawrence Ave.

1989 200 quattro (10v turbo)
Owner: Laksar Reese 773-562-5299, laksar2@aol.com
117k miles
Red w/black leather interior
Asking $5400


Nice inside and out.  Great paint and good bodywork.  Some weirdness
happening down behind right front wheel (black stuff came off, looks to be
rusty under there), but not major at all.  Pulls up to 1.2 bar, though,
while 1.4 is what we should see, right?  AC blows nice and cold.
Passenger's power seat does not work.  Sunroof works as does OEM stereo.
Second owner, Chicago car all its life.  Remarkably clean for a
Chicago-land car.  BBS mesh wheels in nice shape.

Previous owner (6 months ago) had the car "renewed" so as to give it to
his daughter to drive (this is what the current owner says).  Seems to be
freshened all around.  Many many records.

Runs pretty strong, but probably needs a WOT switch or something.  Very
slight ticking from the intake area under hood, but I have no clue what
that might be.  Never owned a 10vt before, so if it's that EM
crack/warp/stud break thing, I would never know.

Drives straight and generally good overall.  He says he'll consider
taking $4900-$5000 for it.  Good buy, I'd say.

Direct all inquiries to the person listed above!  Not me.

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