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RE: Sad reactions to first drive - experienced turbo drivers please help (very long)

I wish I was in your position... choices like this are very difficult. ;-)

Another thing I tend to do when I want 'power now' in my turbo is hit both
clutch and gas at once while downshifting and then popping the clutch.  Not
exactly a gentle maneuver but effective.  Generally done at highway speeds
and sometimes involves a direct fifth to third shift.  I would think that on
the S4 - (you lucky ba****d ;-) the power available might make this a
dangerous maneuver - four wheels squawking at 50 mph!

I almost think that they must have detuned the S4 to make power delivery a
tad on the conservative side - for safety's sake - because the upside power
potential of this engine is staggering.

Have fun

Peter Berrevoets
1990 200TQ - Won't squawk at any speed!