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Fw: Stalling 80 Sport

    Hello all, got this message from a person who visited my site.  I told
him to check the idle switch, ISV, and check for vacuum leaks.  I was
wondering if anyone else had better suggestions for this poor fellow>>

> I found your e-mail address on the internet and would like to know if you
>can help me.
    I have an Audi 80 Sport, 8v, 2.0l , 1991. It has been into a couple of
>garages before I bought the car, and I have recently had it in my local
>garage, who replaced the air flow boot, engine mounting, ht leads, plugs,
>and tuned the car. Previously I believe the fuel injector seals (?) have
>been replced as well.  It runs like a dream all apart form the original
>problem which still exists. The garage could not find any problem with the
>The problem........
>Intermittently the engine will cut out when the clutch is dipped. It
>splutter it just dies. I have noticed that the rev counter, which usually
>stays constant at around 900 rpm on tick over, when not moving with the
>clutch dipped, will suddenly drop very quickly and the engine cuts off. The
>car can be restarted with the key with no problem at all and then the
>will tick over as though nothing has happened. It will not stall again
>usually for the rest of the journey, or sometimes after a couple of miles
>will do it again. It is not a constant problem and so , I suppose , hard
>the garage to diagnose. It doesn't just happen when you are sitting still
>traffic lights or a junction, it can happen when you dip the clutch when
>slowing down to change gear. If you are quick and you notice the rev
>dropping, you can lift your clutch and the engine will continue. This
>problem has become very annoying, especially as I have power steering which
>can be quite dangerous if it happens when going round a corner and changing
>gear, and nobody seems to be able to shed any light on the problem.
>has suggested it may be a problem with a sensor/switch, and if so how would
>I go about finding out which one. The gentleman I bought the car from, when
>I phoned him about the problem, said the  Audi garage could find no errors
>logged on the computer. I am baffled !!!!!
>Can suggest who I could contact or do you know of anything which may help
>solve this problem ?
>> Regards
>> Chris Finlayson
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