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Re: 5ktq cooling q's

Isn't the OEM bleeder in the top of the radiator?  I would think you would
want your bleeder to be as high up in the system as possible because that's
where the air will get trapped the best.  That's what's done on things like
closed-loop hot water heat systems:  The air trap goes at the highest point.

Kneale Brownson

At 12:06 AM 9/22/99 -0400, Nate Stuart wrote:
>Dove into the cooling system last night on the '87 5kcstq after the brand
>new Shogun pump spun an impeller after only 2 weeks. Determined that this
>was due to insufficient coolant at the pump when the car was off. So this
>raised some questions. I seemed to have a lot of air in the system. I know
>there was some discussion a couple of weeks ago about bleeding the system,
>what was the best/final consensus for this. I have a bleed valve from one of
>my Renaults I am going to install to simplify things, but what would be the
>ideal place for this? I'm thinking the hose before or after the after-run
>pump since the hoses are the same size as the bleed valve. Will this work?
>Also have a rather unique symptom with the Shogun pump. Every time I start
>the car the pump will run for ~5 sec. then shut off. It always runs for the
>same amount of time every time. Is this supposed to do this and maybe I just
>didn't know b/c of my previous dead AR pump?
>BTW I did relay the pump.
>'87 5kcstq (persnickety little bugger)