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Re: Distributor alignment

In message <9909229380.AA938006780@mail.rkmi.com> jamies@rkmi.com writes:

> Many of you have provided advice for changing out my distributor, which I did
> last night, but unfortunately the car still does not start, fault code 2113
> (misaligned distributor) is displayed.  I did not mark the position of the old
> one before I took it out, dumb huh?  Last night I set the engine to TDC, I
> think, the red mark on the flywheel was centered in the hole and the #1 piston
> was at the top of it's stroke.?.?.?  Anyway, once that was set, I aligned the
> rotor to point at the #1 plug wire and the notch on the distributor.  Tightened
> the 13mm nut to hold down the distributor and....nothing.  No start.  Still code
> 2113.  I'm throwing in the towel, please help.

The order is:

a) Flywheel on TDC.

b) Cam pulley on TDC

c) Distributor aligned with notch on body.

It doesn't matter whether the rotor arm points at plug #1.  That's just
a quick trick for 20V engines.

 Phil Payne
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