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Re: S3/A3

I don't think it's being imported into Canada either.

However, the nice folks at the NHTSA - according to the 9/20 issue of
AutoWeek - have loosened the import guidelines somewhat.
Quote: "Under new NHTSA guidelines, you can avoid having to meet such a
car's safety standards if you personally - no dealer or traders allowed
under this rule - import a car its maker didn't certify for U.S. roads."
There's a 2500-mile a year cap on driving and you'd still have to meet EPA
smog standards for the car's model year.
The NHTSA will allow cars in on a case-by-case basis and must be "persuaded"
(the rule's word!) that the car is of "historical or technical value". The
car must not have been imported by its maker at any time.
Would an S3 be of "historical or technical" value? Not historical, but that
Haldex system is not available on any car in the US for the time being...

- peter, peterhe@microsoft.com

From: PuNk114@aol.com

i know they don't import the A3/S3 to America...(lack of market etc..)
My question is do they import the car to canada. If so what are the 
rules/regulations for buying an A3/S3 there and bringing it to America. I 
know i could get a GTI, or an A4, or a Beatle T. but what makes the audis so

execptional is qautro and that 1.8t, although i love the A4 i would like a 
- -Jeff