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Re: coupla MC motor questinons..

In message <Pine.OSF.4.10L.9909221448380.26571-100000@alberti.unh.edu> Marc A Swanson writes:

> Me once again on the topic of my MC motor... I went to the motor shop
> today to put down half the bill (my wallet feels lighter already....) and
> the guy I talked to mentioned some things that leave me with some
> questions.  First , he mentioned that I have 8 snapped off EM studs in the
> head(surprise surprise) and said it would probably cost me just as much to
> tap out the threads for a bigger stud and modify the EM to accept it.  Any
> potential problems with this?  Also, I am contemplating on grinding the
> stock cam for mild performance gains.  Anybody done this and know where I
> can get specs for the cut?  Also, what about the distributor as far as
> modifications go?

Eight is almost a record.  It sounds like he tried removing the nuts
with an ordinary wrench, rather than a socket with the effort applied
co-axially with the stud.

And if your aim is longer valve opening or higher lift, how will
_removing_ metal achieve either?

 Phil Payne
 UK Audi quattro Owners Club
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