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fan, cruise control and other '88 90q musings

Hello all,

I'm slowly working my way down Baby's ('88 90q) list
of aches and pains and have arrived at the more
difficult first aid. Warning: don't be too blown away
by my grasp of autolingo. It's quite impressive.

1. The fan, the one that blows hot/cool air into the
car, is either on high or off, nothing in between. Is
this something that would require replacement of the
fan or its associated parts? Or do I just have a
disconnect somewhere?

2. I'm assuming that the cruise control system is
located on top of everything, just over the engine
block itself. There's a black rubber vacuum-y part,
about 3 inches in diameter, and a small 4-inch long
rod attached to a spring-loaded doo-dad, which must be
what engages the cruise control. Should there be
something connecting the rod and the rubber part? Or
does the rod itself go into the rubber part? Am I even
making myself clear?

3. How difficult is it to replace dash lights?

Thanks for suffering through that. Yikes.

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