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Re: Ur-Q ... buyer's market or seller's market?

	ah, yes.  mongrel indeed.  i suppose that's what i have
	done, to some extent, with my urq, but in the end i get
	reliability and fixability that the wx crap cannot offer.
	i actually considered a 20vt conversion (the rr, right?)
	but when i had the funds, the mc was already in process.
	i am quite pleased with it now, though!

On Wed, 22 Sep 1999 OorQue@aol.com wrote:

]> i diddn't see anyone mention an rr car.  whatever, dude.
]I was responding to Dave Eaton's comment about not considering a WR-code Ur-Q 
]anything special.  If you check his sig., you'll see that in addition to an 
]RS2 he also has an RR-code Ur-Q (20 valve) and this is no doubt the basis for 
]his remarks.
]>From his perspective, I can understand his sentiments but here in the US, 
]only a very few people have found a way to put an RR-code Ur-Q in their 
]garage so those of us who want to own one have to make do with what we can 
]find.  You can drop another engine into your WC-code Ur-Q but unless you take 
]the Steve Eiche approach of creating an *exact* duplicate of an RR Ur-Q using 
]a U.S. car as the starting point (and at horrendous expense, I'm sure) all 
]you've done is to create a mongrel.  Fun to drive, sure, but not necessarily 
]the best idea from a collectible point of view...

 rocky mullin
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