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RE: V8Q Problems/Update.. This gets weird!

Actually, I have very similar issues.... The Airbag light would stay on for
several minutes, the shifting would not function correctly etc... Let me ask
you this, do you know if this car has the original Alternator? Believe it or
not, the electronics in the V8 are VERY SENSITIVE to the proper current and
voltage. It might be as simple as the regulator, but I went ahead and
replaced the Alternator and all the electrical problems disappeared. Oh, the
Air bar circuit needed to be reset due to low voltage and the warning system
needed reset which I had the dealer do. I replaced the Alternator myself,
actually is quite easy to get at on this car surprisingly. Can't promise you
anything, but you might at least take it in and have your charging system
checked.... Hope this helps!

Ron Woods
1990 V8Q
1986 4KCSQ

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Subject: RE: V8Q Problems/Update.. This gets weird!

Posted a message earlier on the board regarding 90 V8Q running "rich" after
starting or re-starting. Got several helpful hints but none did the job.
Car will stay in second in the city at around 2500 rpm.  After 4 to 5
minutes (this varies) the car will shift normal. The car surges for a lack
of a better term and seems to be running rich to me. My first thought on
this whole thing was the oxs sensor, but replaced that. Then thought the
oxs heater circuit wasn't working, but this tests out fine.

Now the weird part... I have noticed this morning that the condition
correlates to the air bag light!  Mine doesn't go out in 10 seconds, but
will stay on for 4 or 5 minutes.  As soon as the air bag light goes out,
the car shifts fine. I even pulled to the side if the road, shut off the
car, re-started it to see if the condition was the same. And yes, it is!
Within seconds, either the light will go off or the car will start running
right. Depending on conditions, one will go before the other, but both will
be fine. 
So, am I crazy???? Is the problem with the air bag circuit or with the
engine? Somehow they are linked together or share something in common?
OK Audi gurus.. Here's a chance to put your thinking caps on!
Rex Pedersen
85 5ks
86 5ks wagon
87 5ksQ
90 v8q