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Re: Ur-Q ... buyer's market or seller's market?

>  at then end of the day though, emotion sets in.  it is still my link to a
>  very emotive era of motorsport, to a revolution in vehicle design, and to a
>  clique with very few members around the world.
>  for those reasons alone, i would say to the usa members, "who cares about
>  the actual driving experience (good though it is), or that there are better
>  drivers cars out there, which are cheaper and more relaible?" if the above
>  factors are important to you, of course you should get an ur-quattro, the
>  best that you can afford, and never attempt to justify the costs to
>  yourself.

For once -- okay, maybe the third or fourth time -- I agree with Dave ... if 
you have to think about whether you should own an Ur-Q -- even a lowly 10v 
U.S.-spec one -- instead of some other car, then there's really nothing to 
think about.